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Rating Excellent

Zoreh provided my daughter with Maths tuition for her GCSE. Over a short period of time Zoreh had helped my daughter to have a clearer understanding of Maths and for once my daughter was enthusiastic to learn. Zoreh also managed to create determination in my daughter which ensured that she could work through all the test papers confidentally and accurately. Overall I was extremely pleased with Zoreh, who had a wonderful passion for maths which obviously rubs off on the students. By parent of GCSE student studying for AQA Maths Linked Pair



Rating Excellent

Zoreh was a really helpful teacher - patient and great at explaining everything. She helped me with my IB Year 2 exams (A Level equivalent) and left me feeling far more confident with Maths. She provided lots of additional support - the option to email her with any questions and also provided homework and resources to further understanding. I would definitely recommend her - fair rates for the lessons and extremely helpful. Thank you! By parent of IB Maths Studies student



Rating Excellent

Zorah has helped my son through the last four months leading up to his GCSE,s. He found the Lessons very good, which gave him confidence in being able to tackle the Exams. Thankyou. By parent of Edexcel Maths GCSE student



Rating Excellent

Zoreh, you are indeed a life saver. Jan-Michael is much more confident and relaxed thanks to you. You seem to get the best out of him every week. Thank you for all your assistance and perseverance with him I really do appreciate that! work like atmosphere. I would recommend her very highly, we are really pleased to have made her part of our routine. By parent of GCSE student studying for KS3 Maths